Opening theme:

BAND-MAID: "Sense"

Music and arranged by BAND-MAID
On sale October 27,2021



To a big Jump fan like me, who reads so many of their series practically every day, BAND-MAID having the opportunity to contribute a song to this series is like a dream come true-ppo.
Even better, it's for Platinum End, a series I've read ever since it began, and be able to perform its opening theme is really a pleasure and an honor-ppo.
We hope our song will stoke everyone's excitement to enter the world of Platinum End even higher-ppo.

Miku Kobato (BAND-MAID)


~A hard rock band in maid uniforms gaining fame all over the world~

A hard rock band from Japan formed in 2013.
Their cute maid costume stagewear contrasts with their music's hard rock sound, a contrast that has won them the attention of fans and media outlets all over the world and brought them over 100 million views on YouTube. Fan reaction videos to their performances have earned them the support of metal and rock fans worldwide, and they've earned headliner slots at major music festivals in Japan in addition to their annual international tours, where they've played sold-out shows in the United States, England, and across Europe.
In 2019, they partnered with the international event coordinator Live Nation and released an album produced by rock legend Tony Visconti entitled "Conqueror".
2020 saw them join the North American United Talent Agency, the release of their album "Unseen World", and their Hollywood debut in the upcoming Netflix movie "Kate".

And BAND-MAID plans to keep continuing on a global scale from here on.

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Release in advance

On sale September 6,2021(Release&Subrispriction service )
BAND-MAID “Sense” (TV Size version)

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First press limited edition [CD+Blu-ray]

PCCA-06076 / JPY 3,410 (tax included)
Digipak (subject to change)

First press limited edition [CD+DVD]

PCCA-06077 / JPY 2,310 (tax included)
With sleeve case (subject to change)

normal edition [CD ONLY]

PCCA-06078 / JPY 1,320 (tax included)
First press limited: anime design sticker/wrap label
*The design is an integration of the opening theme song “Sense” by BAND-MAID and the ending theme song “Koufukuron” by Miyashita Yuu.

アニメ絵柄ステッカー巻き帯仕様(オープニング/エンディング 連動デザイン)

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Ending theme:

Yuu Miyashita: "Koufukuron"

Lyrics by hotaru(TaWaRa)
Music by Tom-H@ck(TaWaRa)
Arranged by KanadeYUK(TaWaRa)
Jacket illustration: Yuu Myashita
On sale November 17,2021



I wanted to take the original work's mystery, the transitions from despair to hope, the determination and strength deep in the protagonist's heart, and the kindness and bravery that everyone has within them and put them into this song, and all this was foremost in my mind while I sang it.
Sacred, but very strong, even through pain, willing to stand and face the present, the future, and the world itself - that's what the song is like.
I took special effort in using different layering effects on the vocals so they will blend harmoniously together with the music and the lyrics, so if you took notice of that as you listen, it would make me very happy.

Yuu Miyashita


A singer and illustrator whose creative activity takes place online.
This amazingly multitalented artist is accomplished at creating the lyrics, music, arrangement, and even animated music videos.
Yuu Miyashita's first major-label album "Tsumugi no Ki" was released in August 2016. March 2019 saw a debut solo performance at Shinjuku ReNY before a sold-out crowd, leading to an encore concert at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST.
The video for "WozuWorld" (Cover) has exceeded 27 million views as of August 10th, 2021.


Product information

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First press limited edition(CD+DVD)PCCA.06089 / JPY 1,870(tax)included

*DVD contents: 1) “Koufukuron” music video 2) “Phantom Raid” music video

Normal edition(CD ONLY)PCCA.06090 / JPY 1,320(tax included)
通常盤(CD ONLY)

First press limited: anime design sticker/wrap label
*The design is an integration of the opening theme song “Sense” by BAND-MAID and the ending theme song “Koufukuron” by Miyashita Yuu.

アニメ絵柄ステッカー巻き帯仕様(オープニング/エンディング 連動デザイン)

Recorded tracks (subject to change)
Track 1: Koufukuron(lyrics by hotaru/ Music by Tom-H@ck /arranged by KanadeYUK)
*ending theme song of TV anime “Platinum End”
Track2: bystander(lyrics/ Music /arranged by Yuu Miyashita)
Track3: Phantom Raid(lyrics/Music/arranged by Ren)
Track4: Koufukuron(TV Size version)