From among 13 humans
selected by 13 angels,
one will be chosen to become God.

The humans chosen as God candidates
will be those who have lost their reason to live on,
or who never found one in the first place.

The angels will entrust the humans with angel implements.
Depending on their rank, these implements will be as follows.

Special-rank: [Wings], [Red Arrows] and [White Arrows]
First-rank: [Wings] and [Red Arrows]
Second-rank: [Wings] or [Red Arrows]

[Angel Arrows]
◆Red Arrows
Causes any human struck by these arrows to fall in love with with the user for 33 days.

◆White Arrows
Causes certain death to any human struck by these arrows.


[Angel Wings]
Allows the user to fly so fast they can't be seen by the naked eye.